Post-Baselworld 2019

  • Event
  • 2019.06.03

MIYOTA’s Booth

At the Miyota booth, the new Caliber JP21 and JP27 were displayed along with our vast line-up of existing movements including Calibers 0S90, 2033 and 5R32.

Miyota has a history spanning nearly 40 years since the movements were first sold in 1980. Devotion to quality is the driving force behind the development of our movements and at this year’s Baselworld, we introduced the “MIYOTA CONNECTED” module which is the third platform of the Miyota brand.



Miyota’s movements consist of mostly metal parts and are known for their superior shock resistance and durability. Our movements and every part used in them are manufactured at our factories in Japan. Development and production as well as assembly of all of our parts in-house ensures the high quality of our movements as they are supported by the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers and our highly advanced technology.


MIYOTA’s Precision Parts

One of our exhibits introduced precision parts used in Miyota’s analogue quartz and automatic movements. The display included some of those parts and the names of the factories where they were produced.


These precision parts were developed and manufactured to carry out specific functions and meet micrometer size requirements. The exhibit also highlighted the fact that most of Miyota’s precision parts are metal, thus assuring high durability and facilitating disassembly for repairs. The color and elegant appearance of metal parts cannot be equaled by movements made of other materials, so the gold and silver metal parts used in each movement made the exhibit a thing of beauty.