“Delivering high-quality watches to as many people as possible”
Miyota is devoted to providing value for generations to come.

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Miyota Quality

Accumulated technology leads to high-precision manufacturing

Our movements are assembled in Japan using only parts manufactured at our Japanese plants, which enables us to ensure their quality. The production of high-quality movements is made possible by high-speed automatic assembly lines which were developed in-house through the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers. Movements are delivered to customers worldwide after undergoing strict quality checks.

Miyota’s signature model Caliber 2035 is manufactured at one unit per second. We have one of the largest movement production factories in the world.

Superior Movements

The advantages of metal:
micrometer parts to wheels

  • Durable
  • Repairable
  • Reliable

Miyota movements are preferred worldwide for their durability, ease of assembly and disassembly and high impact resistance. The major parts are all made of metal. Metal materials enhance the beauty of colors and textures.

Calibre 2035 series achieved accumulated production of 1.7 billion units in 1999 to set world record.

History of MIYOTA

Constant development creates innovation

Citizen Watch established a movement-manufacturing factory in the town of Miyota, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, in 1959 and started movement sales operations in 1980. In 1981, it introduced the signature model Caliber 2035 which became popular among well-known watch brands. Along with the Caliber 2000 Series, it continues to enjoy popularity today. Other designs and functions include the multi-function movement, the chronograph movement, slim-type movements, and mechanical movements. The slim mechanical movement Caliber 9000 series debuted in 2009 to supplement the long-seller Caliber 8200 Series mechanical movements.

Miyota’s ongoing R&D supports development of new products for future needs and designs.

A Reliable Brand: MIYOTA

We take pride and have confidence in our quality movements and great technology

Customers trust Miyota due to not only the high-quality and stable supply of our products but also our detailed support for sales and technology. Miyota has support offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and China, which brings us closer to our customers and we make periodic visits to customers in areas where we don’t have offices. Our sales support offers more than just product information. We offer advice about watch development and design, hold technical workshops at customer facilities and provide technical support.

MIYOTA's initiatives

Toward a more sustainable future for all

With importance emphasized toward realizing a more sustainable global society, corporations and their activities prioritize on a growing need for sustainable products. For MIYOTA, improving specifications, designs and quality of movements, as well as developing more efficient manufacturing processes, are key to achieving this most vital goal.

Sustainable Factory concept

Throughout the value chain, including suppliers, the CITIZEN group aims to create a sustainable production facility called the "Sustainable Factory” that comprehensively cares about compliance, human rights, labor practices, BCP and productivity improvements, in addition to environmental considerations. As part of this goal, MIYOTA Saku Factory was established as a “green park” to help reduce the effects on the environment. About 26,000 plants of 110 varieties have been planted on the facility grounds in order to help maintain and lower ground surface temperatures during all seasons of the year. What’s more “green” micro-climate zones also prevent heat build up, and allow for usage of natural rainwater for the growing plants. The site also incorporates LED lighting and high-efficiency compressors to further reduce electricity and gas consumption. Moreover, the building’ s smart environmental controls also utilize the heat exhaust and cooling for a more efficient air-conditioning system that contributes to lowering CO2 emissions.


  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Reliability

“Delivering high-quality watches to as many people as possible.”

Devotion to quality is the driving force behind the development of our movements.
Miyota has continuously engaged in developing innovative movements that lead the industry in their design, function and quality.
For nearly 40 years, Miyota has provided continuous and reliable value,
raising industry standards and setting the world record for production.


Small Second ChronographJS20
Standard Automatic8N24
Premium Automatic9134

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