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How can you be sure your wristwatch will keep on telling the correct time without stopping or breaking even if you drop it or bump into something? Parashock, MIYOTA’s shock absorbing system, was designed to solve just that problem.

Proudly developed and manufactured in-house, and composed of finely engineered precision parts, Parashock protects the balance block —the heart of the mechanical movement—from impacts of any kind.

With over half a century of history and of trust behind it, Parashock ensures that MIYOTA movements—and the watches equipped with them—will keep on working from one generation of users to the next.


The structure of Parashock

The structure of Parashock

Parashock: Mechanism and features

When the watch is subject to an impact, the cap jewel and spiral spring rock vertically and laterally to absorb any shocks, delivering a high level of vibration and shock resistance.

The unique properties of the spiral spring mean that it restores the balance staff to its central position promptly, giving Parashock a level of durability of which we are justifiably proud.

Parashock has excellent oil retention properties. This makes it easier to perform all the maintenance (disassembly, assembly, lubrication etc.) so essential for a mechanical watch.

  • Lateral shocks


    Spiral spring moves sideways
    to reduce the shock.

  • Vertical shocks


    Cap jewel moves up and
    down to reduce the shock.