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Solar Technology

Our solar technology converts not just sunlight but also dim indoor light into electrical energy to drive watches.
It is an eco-friendly technology that eliminates the need for battery replacement.


How the technology works

  1. 1 The ring-shaped solar cell around the rim of the dial catches light.
  2. 2 It converts the light into electricity.
  3. 3 It stores the electricity in a rechargeable battery.
  4. 4 It uses the electricity stored in the rechargeable battery to drive the movement.
  5. 5 Any surplus energy is stored in the rechargeable battery.


  • Power Saving Function

    Just like other MIYOTA analog quartz movements, simply pull out the crown to reduce energy consumption.

  • Quick Start Function

    Simply expose the watch to light for 10 seconds to get the hands moving again when the battery charge is low.
    The second hand will initially move in two-second increments.

  • Battery Detector Function

    The second hand will alert you when the battery charge is getting low by moving in two-second increments for up to two days.
    It will resume moving normally as soon as the battery is charged.

MIYOTA Solar Quartz

Solar Quartz is the category name for MIYOTA movements featuring Solar Technology.

The different-sized Caliber 2070 and Caliber 2170 are our two most popular 3-hand Solar Quartz movements.
Both based on the Caliber 2035, they are extremely easy to handle, with excellent quality and durability.