An absolute source of time.



The city awakes.
People go about their lives.
It’s another day.

Behind the smooth running of time,
there’s an infrastructure at work.
Decades of experience and expertise.
Unwavering care and commitment.
With our movements, every second is special.

An absolute source of time.

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Why choose MIYOTA?

The movement is the heart of any watch.
Not only does the movement drive the watch, it determines its functions, performance, design and quality.

At MIYOTA, we want as many people as possible to have quality watches.
That is why we manufacture all our movements right here in Japan—and nowhere else.

Our extensive product lineup includes many movements that have
established themselves as de facto industry standards.
Because our movements are easy to procure and get repaired anywhere in any part of the world,
we enable people everywhere to prolong the life of their cherished timepieces.

Powered by a well-deserved reputation for trustworthiness and reliability,
MIYOTA movements are used in millions of watches, including those of many well-known global brands.


Materials -Metal- Metal parts mean higher quality

MIYOTA movements use many metal components. Since metal has high levels
of durability and shock resistance, that makes for fewer breakages and defects, as well as for easier disassembly/reassembly for repairs. The stable quality and performance
of MIYOTA movements is the direct result of our belief in the use of metal parts.



Performance Commitment to precision and performance

We believe that watches should tell the precise time for as long as possible. That is why the batteries in most of our movements have a life of three years or more. We are committed to achieving increased levels of long-term precision and performance through the deployment of technologies like our proprietary power engine.



Japanese Craftsmanships Quality assurance and stable supply

MIYOTA is an integrated manufacturer of movements. We do everything from making the individual components through to final quality control, all at Japanese factories staffed by highly experienced engineers. It’s a virtuous circle. Because we can produce ultra-small precision components to uniform levels of quality and performance, we can then assemble our movements on high-speed automated assembly lines, something that in turn guarantees a stable supply for our customers.



Product Lineup A uniquely broad range

At MIYOTA, we are proud of our extensive lineup, which goes from basic products like the Caliber 2035 through chronographs and on to the high-end Caliber 9000 Series of mechanical movements. Thanks to the breadth of our lineup, our customers can create a greater variety of stylish and appealing watch designs for their customers.



De facto standard An industry-leading track record

Several of our movements, including the analog quartz movement Caliber 2000 Series with its 40-year history and the mechanical movement Caliber 8000 Series with 30 years of history, have established themselves as de facto industry standards. With such a track record, it’s no wonder that MIYOTA movements are found in so many quality watches worldwide, including many wellknown global brands.



Support Meticulous and thoroughgoing backup

From providing data on industry trends to proposing design concepts, from furnishing technical guidance on watch assembly and repair to hosting workshops, MIYOTA offers the full range of support. Our reliable and closely targeted support system demonstrates that MIYOTA is indeed “An absolute source of time.”


The history of MIYOTA

The evolution of an industry leader

The origins of MIYOTA date back to 1959, the year Citizen Watch built a movement factory in the town of Miyota in Nagano in central Japan. The MIYOTA brand itself was launched in 1980. We released the Caliber 2035 analog quartz movement (whose worldbeating production figures later earned it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records) in 1981. We then added the Caliber 2000 Series and went on to develop an extensive product lineup. The multifunction Caliber 6P Series came out in 1989, followed by the Caliber 0S Chronograph Series in 1992.

We are also justly proud of our 30-year-plus track record of developing mechanical movements. The Caliber 8000 Series, a favorite with many watch brands, has established itself as a de facto industry standard. In 2000, we started manufacturing the Caliber 9000 Series of ultra-thin premium mechanical movements.

We continue to work on developing and manufacturing nextgeneration watch movements based on decades of know-how and a keen awareness of current trends.


Sustainability initiatives

Creating an eco-friendly and people-friendly world

The momentum for creating a more sustainable society through more sustainable products and processes is only gathering pace. MIYOTA is actively committed to making a reality of the “sustainable factory” concept of CITIZEN Group, its parent company. We aim to create eco-friendly and people-friendly factories that focus not only on resource recycling and CO2 emissions reduction, but on better compliance, working practices and productivity throughout the whole value chain, including our suppliers.

Designed as a low-impact green park style production facility, the Miyota Saku Factory embodies this commitment. Planted with 26,000 trees, shrubs and flowers of 110 different species, the factory grounds are a green zone that simultaneously reduces the environmental load and showcases the beauty of Japan’s four seasons. Citizen Group also practices green procurement (i.e., CSR procurement, responsible mineral procurement and green procurement).

We undertake to maintain these sustainable initiatives in the years ahead, while continuing to earn the trust of our customers through the manufacture and supply of watch movements that exceed their expectations.





The MIYOTA Saku Factory started operations in December 2016 (Saku city, Nagano prefecture)


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