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A new MIYOTA brand identity from January 2023

We all live our lives within the same stream of time. Watches play a crucial role by enabling people everywhere to share the same consciousness of time in progress. Among the many ways the global pandemic affected society, it changed our notion of time and our sense of the significance of watches. MIYOTA’s renewed brand identity is driven by a reappraisal of the precious nature of time and of the importance of the movements that constitute the key component in any watch. Comprising a brand slogan, a symbol and a logotype, the new brand identity launched in January 2023.


The new brand statement

MIYOTA combines proprietary technologies with decades’ worth of know-how to create movements that tell the time with unwavering precision and make every second special. There is a whole MIYOTA-made infrastructure underpinning the smooth running of time. These are the ideas encapsulated in our new brand statement:



The new brand symbol and logo

The brand symbol is made up of the letter M of MIYOTA and a visual representation of “the movement as the heart of the watch” concept. The circular watch-inspired motif expresses the precision and quality found in every detail of MIYOTA movements. Overall, the symbol communicates MIYOTA’s essential role in today’s watch industry, as well as its commitment to connect with people and provide consistent and unchanging values over generations.

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