Cal.8315 Long Power Reserve - Proof of MIYOTA’s relentless efforts and passion for mechanical movement

  • New Product
  • 2020.11.06

Establishing longer running times for mechanical watches have long been the pursuit of many watchmakers as a universal product value.

For MIYOTA, this challenge is met with evolving technologies, material quality and design of its movements.

Cal.8315, with an impressive 60-hour power-reerve function - enables mechanical watches to keep running for a full weekend.

Besides the praticality and convenience of the longer usage, the movement's precision parts including the patented anti-oxidation blue screws add to its aesthetic beauty.


It also allows the same watch case and hands for the Cal.82 series such as Cal.8205, 8215, 82S0, 82S5 and 82S7, making it easier to expand your product lineup.


Mov’t Size: 11 1/2’’’

Mov’t Height: 5.67mm

21 jewels

21600 vibrations per hour

Stop second device

Automatic and hand winding

Quick date setting