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New Variations of GL/GM series   - Cal.GR02 & GR12 -

New variations have been added to the GL/GM Series, the MIYOTA's slim movement category widely adopted by many watch brands.

Cal. GR02/GR12 sized 11-1/2” are not only suitable for designing larger slim watch, but also usable for unisex size.
The successor model of the Cal. 1S series, key specifications were updated from the predecessor Cal. 1S series achieving both its slimness and strength.

As for Cal. GR12, watch case construction, dial and hands are compatible with Cal. 1S13, while as for Cal. GR02, dial and hands are compatible with Cal.1S02.
Ranging from simple and traditional to sporty or luxury, a wide variety of design can be created using Cal. GR02/GR12.


Thinner watches can be designed by using GR02 with a minimum case thickness is 6.84mm, 0.17mm thinner than Cal.1S02.

Balance weight has been improved and shock detection* has been newly equipped for both.


  Cal.GR12 Cal.GR02
Size 11-1/2” 11-1/2”
Thickness 2.71mm 2.94mm (*3.07mm)
Function 3 Hands, Date 3 Hands, Day/Date
Setting stem height 1.13mm 1.36mm  (*1.49mm)
Hands height 0μm(*800~400~340μm) 800~400~300μm(*800~400~340μm)
Battery Life 3 years 3 years
Balance weight Second:0.09μN・m max.(*0.07μN・m max.) Second:0.09μN・m max.(*0.07μN・m max.)
  Minute:0.40μN・m max. Minute:0.40μN・m max.
*Specification of 1S series.
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