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New Product Information     - Cal.JS36 -

A new movement just has been added to the MIYOTA's Cal. JS Series 
Small Second Chronograph that have been widely used among various watch brands.

The Cal. JS36 that has three eyes located at two o’clock (2H), six o’clock (6H) and nine o’clock (9H) positions features the asymmetrical and unique look.  
The movement thickness is 4.30 mm that is the same as the ones for the Cal. JS05/JS15/JS25/JP11/JP15/JP25, and thus the same watch case as the one for those movements can be used without newly developing new case design.

Cal. JS36

Mov’t Size: 12 1/2’’’
Mov’t Height: 4.30mm
Date, Chrono 30min/sec, 24 hour
Battery Life 3 Years

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